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Looking for a Family Friendly Activity? Explore Your Creativity at Canvas Convergence

Are you on the lookout for a family friendly activity that combines creativity, entertainment, and the perfect backdrop for Instagram-worthy photos? Look no further than Canvas Convergence located at 1632 West End Blvd, St Louis Park, MN 55416 in The Shops at West End. This unique art space offers an array of experiences that will leave your family inspired and your social media feeds buzzing.

A woman posing on a 3D mural painting of a Walrus on an iceberg.
  • Interactive 3D Murals -Canvas Convergence is filled with hand painted murals from professional artists from around the country. The murals are painted on the walls and floors, so you can literally step onto the mural and become a part of the artwork. The artists use anamorphic perspective to create amazing painted 3D illusions. When you snap a photo from the perfect viewing point (marked on the gallery floor with a sticker) you and your family become a part of the artwork. After you've been inspired by the 3D murals you can explore your own creativity with a selection of fun art classes.

  • Unique Art Classes -Canvas Convergence offers fun art classes for all skill levels. These are not your typical art classes. With topics like "Movie Makeup 101: Cuts and Bruises" and "Find Your Inner Thriftstore Painting Nerd" everyone can explore their creativity in a fun and low pressure learning environment.

  • Prints and Originals for sale -Canvas Convergence offers a selection of affordable prints and originals from local and national artists. These vibrant piece will add a burst of color and creativity to any space.

  • Nearby Dining -After a day of exploring your creativity you can grab a bite to eat at one of the neighboring restaurants. Canvas Convergence is conveniently located in The Shops at West End, so you also have access to heated underground parking.

Canvas Convergence in The Shops at West End is more than just an art destination – it's a place where creativity converges with family fun. From interactive murals and art classes to endless photo opportunities, this venue offers an engaging experience that will leave your family with lasting memories and a newfound appreciation for the arts.

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